Dragonfly Blessing's Story

I’ve had an interest in photography for most of my life. A few years ago I had a life change that finally allowed me to pursue my passion and do what I was created to do.

The story behind Dragonfly Blessings has a special meaning to me. In 2012, my husband and I noticed the yard full of dragonflies day after day for a few weeks. I started to look around as they were only swarming in MY yard. I was in awe because I always felt a special connection to dragonflies.

One day I was sitting in my yard trying to get some pictures of the dragonflies swarming. The equipment I had couldn’t do them justice. I decide to upgrade and get serious about my lifelong passion.

I was extremely excited to get back home and snap some pictures of the dragonflies swarming in my yard. I got home, and the dragonflies were gone and didn't come back. I was at a loss, but then I heard that still, small voice that they were out there and it was my turn to find them and to showcase the beauty of nature to the world. 

Dragonfly Blessings was born.